Recommended sources for tubes

What sources do you suggest for an analog type system? I tried logitech streaming, but it is fatiguing with low data files. What is the best way to get music to this setup? I have fast internet. I don’t have a CD collection. I don’t have a vinyl collection. I would like to stream and play hi rez downloaded files for sure. What direction do I go in?

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I was considering a  Marantz ND8006 .   Other options? 

I stream tidal using an Android tablet (with bubbleupnp) to a ps audio perfectwave dac (w bridge ii to keep a full computer out of the system). Coincident 300bs and the PREs. It's convenient and sounds great.

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01-14-2019 5:09pm
Why is the title of your post "recommended sources for tubes"?

Yes why, inquiring minds want to know.

"Yes why, inquiring minds want to know."

Title should be, Recommended source components for tube system.

Just typical nowadays of how people don't use enough words in a phrase leaving it to have multiple different meanings.

CAYIN AUDIO A-5oTNola Boxer speakersREL T5i subNo sources
Punctuation seems to be lacking, as well.
I must be getting old...
Sorry, if I seem to be ganging up on you. We old timers grew up when teachers could take a ruler to your knuckles.