recommended speaker cables and interconnects

trying to upgrade step by step my stereo system, after not dealing with it for awhile.
right now have 3 kinds of speaker cables.
old audio quest , and an old monster cables.
a bit newer Kimber cable that are too short for my current configuration.
for interconnects, one pair of MIT mi-330
and one pair of Audioquest Ruby 2.
looking to upgrade for moderate price.
can’t give a budget range cause i am not familiar with the prices .


I’ve recently got a full complement of Triode Wire Labs cables (speaker, interconnect, pier & digital) & think they’re very good & reasonably priced. Handmade to order in  Massapequa Park, NY  in a week or two. Very  well made, very flexible, come burned in & sound excellent! They’re not bargain basement cheap but you generally don’t get what you don’t pay for. You can email or call Pete, the designer & owner & learn a lot . Check them out!

Audioquest type 4 is really all you need. Audio Advisor will make a pair up any way you like at a reasonable cost. Audioquest has been making the type 4 cable since early 80's and is unchanged to this day. Yes, the Audio Advisor version of the type 4 will not be as pretty as a pre-packaged pair, but it's the same cable.  I am very happy with my 2 pairs 4 meters each, as I run them in a bi-wire configuration. I do not hear anything that displeases me using these cables, as I feel they are rather neutral across the frequency spectrum. Yes, ideally I'd run 2 pairs of Auditorium 23's, but one 4 meter pair goes for 1600 bucks. 

I too am searching for a loom.

I have learned from experience that there is a huge number of counterfeit cables on the used market. Steer clear unless the seller has positive proof the cables are legit. Look for receipts and contact the manufacturer with sale photos to help confirm the cables before you commit. 

Great advice above about in-home auditioning. It's the only way to do this right. The cable company does this but I do not believe you get your money back. Money spent goes into your account for when you're ready to buy. It's not a bad thing if you're serious because you will likely find cables that work for you. I have been in touch with someone there and so far am impressed with their knowledge of what I own and they have a large history of what has worked best for multiple customers and brands, etc. I am on the fence going forward for three reasons: 1. I am not ready to spend a ton of money on cables. I am trying to get something that works for me at a bargain. 2. My system is new and not what you see on my profile. I went a completely different route. Your system needs to be settled before auditioning cables because every new component has the ability to change the sound. I only need a streamer, which is imminent. 3. There are lines they don't carry (that I've seen) and those lines have their own try before you buy offers.

@artemus_5 Thank you for the heads-up regarding audio envy. I am going to reach out to them today. 

Regarding Cardas - My local dealer was supposed to get them a while ago but has yet to receive product. Does anyone know if they are backed-up? Several of us have been waiting months for them to arrive...


I recommend listening- get different cables and try them. I did and was very surprised at the results. I ultimately went with Kimber Kables for interconnects and speaker cables and Shunyata for power because I perceived value. 

I’m jumping in rather late here but also looking for some interconnect advice.  As I’ve seen on the prior posts ; your level of equipment means allot.  My equipment is as follows:

Parasound Halo A51 amp- Parasound Halo JC2 Pre -

Gustard X26 Pro DAC - BluSound Node Streamer 

My main concern are the XLRs from DAC to Pre Amp and Pre Amp to Amp for now

I have a Pangia digital coax from Streamer to DAC 

I need 1 meter from DAC to Pre Amp and .5 meter from Pre Amp to Amp

Audioquest Yukons?  They come up used and on price but wondering if any other thoughts ?