Recommended Speaker Design for Corner / Near-Wall Placement?

Hi all, hoping to learn from your experiences.  My listening space is living room/kitchen (10x15) in a small apartment. Due to kitchen counter, speaker placement is along 7 ft front wall pointing towards living room sofa, with room corner and kitchen counter "corner" as the boundaries. 

Looking for speaker options that can go near wall/corner and perform well.  Have looked into Audio Note, Zu Audio, Klipsch horns, Tribe On-Wall, Ohm Acoustics, etc. Started with Dynaudio bookshelves + dual subs placed on either side of small kitchen table about 5.5' apart. 50/50 music/movies.  I understand I may not get great imaging given my sofa position of 10-12 feet back from speakers 5-6 feet apart, but I can always move closer for listening. Thanks!

Thanks for all your thoughtful responses, very helpful, lots to dig into... I suppose there is no way to avoid trying out several of these myself to find out.  The journey continues...
I was reading today that the Magico A1 monitor is a sealed design without a port. Thus this speaker can be placed close to a back wall or even put on a bookshelf.

I have never owned any speaker with such a design. I am curious if such speakers would sound the same in the bookshelf or on stands away from the back wall? That is they  sound the same regardless of placement?
Hi @ edvardmonk
I have a small media corner just as yours. I used to have KEF (Q900 and then LS50). But the ported design always bring in issues like bass distortion for me. I was advised to look into sealed speakers for the close placement to front wall. I used ATC SCM19 (please read up on this company and their lineup) and never looked back.
Janszen Valentina zA2.1, maybe the only electrostat you can put against the wall with no problem.