Recommended Speakers For Digital Integrated

What are some good speakers to pair with a digital integrated (Technics SU-G700)?

Budget $1,500-$2,500. Bookshelf and tower.

So far I have tried Wharfedale EVO 4.2 and JBL 4312SE.



For the music you like, I would recommend going to Amazon and picking up a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers. IMO, they will please you more than the audiophile type speakers with small woofers. If you are looking for bass impact, go for the CVs.  



haven’t heard the new CVs but I had the mid 90s ones and so so. Then got some DX9s and they rocked like a mofo. Much better IMO than the Klipsch Chorus 2 I had but also liked.

I have moved on but for rock music especially, hard the beat some Cerwins if you want hard driving rock with slammin mid bass.


I have a pair of Charney Audio Companion with Omega RS7 drivers. They are a single driver rear loaded horn based on the tractrix theory.  I have owned them for 5ish years and used multiple tube and SS amps. They sounded the best on digital amps. If your in the NJ area your more than welcome to stop by for a listen. I moved into a different Charney horn and would like to sell these. Price is well within your budget.