Recommended streamers/servers?

Up to $5,000. At present I have a SILENT ANGEL RHEIN Z1 V2 MUSIC SERVER connected to a PS Audio DS DAC via USB CABLE.
All Streamers do the same damn thing. What’s key is the DAC that the Streamer is connected to. Your Internet Service Provider and the downlink speed is more critical. Don’t get me started on the Fibre Optic Crowd (unless you have 100’s of feet to run between you Streamer and you ISP’s modem).
Do not understand the Fibre Optic comment.

Here is something I asked the other day on another site.

If someone is using Fibre Optic cable from the network switch (Ubiquiti) to a Lumin X1 DAC (or a Sonore OpticalRendu and a USB DAC). Assuming that the computer running ROON Core is more than powerful enough but not optimized for audiophile silence. Does sound quality improve if one is running a customized music server, such as this CAPS 20 or Aurrentder et al, If it does improve what is the reason for that?

My understanding of the problems with network streaming was the analog noise seeping into the network and then getting into the DAC. This supposedly cannot happen when using Fibre Optic cable. What am I missing with regards to the need for a audiophile grade music server even when using Fibre?

When talking streaming, I think Fibre needs to be front and center of the discussion. Lumin now has 2 Fibre DACs and LINN has their $40K DAC with Fibre support. I am waiting on this tech to go into $1500 DACs, for example the $900 Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 DAC has RJ45 streaming input. Put a Fibre input in there and then a lot of fun will happen in the streaming space.
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Are you only using the Bluesound Node 2i dac? What dac were u using that sounded less than the Node?  I am just curious since I am in the market for a dac and streamer as well. I was considering the Denafrips Terminator II and the Bluesound.

Does anyone know what the difference between the Node and Node 2i is?
Your right the Vincent Ingala song Nasty is great, but that entire cd in my opinion is awsome.