Recommended streamers/servers?

Up to $5,000. At present I have a SILENT ANGEL RHEIN Z1 V2 MUSIC SERVER connected to a PS Audio DS DAC via USB CABLE.
I went from a tweaked Node2i to an Aurender N100SC. Tremendous upgrade imo.
Highly recommend a DCS network bridge.
I believe that they are recently discontinued, but to be supported for a few more years.  
I went from Bluesound streaming to dCS, using the same DAC. There is simply no comparison. Unfortunately the dCS streamer (called Network Bridge) just became a legacy product, as dCS found it too expensive to maintain quality due to increased costs of raw materials and parts.  List was $5300/-. 

Caveat: the operating system (Mosaic) is quite clunky, almost primitive, as compared to bluesound.   

But if it's sound quality you are looking for it's well worth searching for existing stock with the dealers or buying a used one....

Best wishes 
I am looking for a high end streamer (a step up from blue sound) that does multi room without adding roon.  I have looked into Moon/Sim and Naim but have no place close to hear a demo.  I have 3 zones to cover.

Anyone have any other suggestions.  I kind of like the idea of separate streamer and dad but would consider the right combo.

More and more Highend companies such as DCS, Bricasti,
and others have found ,by having the Dac, and streamer on a totally isolated streamer board ,by having several linear power supplies, pre,and post regulation and filtering it is a more direct 
signal path ,lower noise ,as well as 2 less cables when properly implemented  the latest in digital technologies,with more advancements to come , not cheap, but in many cases less mine