Record cleaner


I have a bottle of Record Research Lab Deep Cleaner but not the Super Vil Wash. Is the RRL Deep Cleaner should followed by the RRL Super Vinyl Wash? Can I just rinse the Record with distrilled water?


The RRL Deep Cleaner is meant to be followed by the SVW which helps remove what may be left behind from the Deep Cleaner. You could try using distilled water, but it may not be as pure as the SVW. A final rinse with as pure a water as you can find should always be the last step no matter what you use as a cleaner.

Many people do use RRL without an RCM. If you wipe with some micro-fiber cloth and allow to fully dry it should be fine. I do agree that a good vacuuming will make the process work even better.
Deep Cleaner followed by Super Wash using a vacuum record machine after each application is the best way to do this. Also the Musical Fidelity pad works well to spread the solution. But let the solution do the work; there is no need to scrub, just a few revolutions each solution and you're done.
Make sure that your follow the Super Vinyl Wash with Ultra-Pure Water (first Super Deep Followed by Super Vinyl Wash). The Ultra-Pure water is a must.
A record machine would be ideal, but as Dan recommended you can work with Micro Fiber cloths. Make sure that you use a separate cloth for each of the 3 solutions.
I've found that the Deep Cleaner followed by nothing works just fine for me. That's in a vacuum machine.

Have you tried rinsing after the Deep Cleaner? I use a vacuum as well but I can hear a big difference between using a final rinse and not using one.