Record Cleaner

There are a lot of cleaners on the market these days. Is there a consenus out there on what record cleaner does the best job?

Record washing does not seem to be an exact science sometimes a mint record is full of ticks and noise even after several washings. While others play great after after 1 wash. I have tried Nitty Gritty, VPI and UHF all good products but none yield consistant results.

Is there one that seems to give consistent results time after time?
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Greetings Kel34,

I would like to recommend the Moth Record Cleaning Machine (RCM II). It is being used by the BBC in England for cleaning their priced record collection according to the owner of Brit Audio . It has a 16 gauge metal housing and is built like a tank. It has an extremely powerful vacuum that cleans my flea market finds to better than new status. It also has bidirectional cleaning capability. No regrets here considering it is less expensive than the VPI-HW-17 with more powerful vacuum and better built quality to boot.

Best regards!