Record cleaning fluids

Hi again guys.

I usually use a Clearaudio cleaning fluid in my Clearaudio Smart Matrix. Some people says that this liquid produces static problems on records.

Sometimes I've to clean two or three times some records that it is supposed to be cleaned, because they are new ones or in mint condition.

Do you know a better cleaning fluid for the use in machines? Wich is the best?

Thanks a lot for your opinions.
Record archivists use lab grade detergents Tergitol 15 s9 and 15 s3. One attacks water soluble dirt and the other attacks oil based non soluble elements. Mix with DI water.

Look for it at Laboratory Technical supply houses. I bought two pints years ago and have not made a dent in the first pint.
I use all MoFi cleaning fluids, they work great and are supposed to be super gentle on your vinyl.
I have usually made my own with distilled water, isopropanol and PhotoFlo, but I'm trying out the L'Art du Son concentrate tonight since a bottle came with my Loricraft. So far, so good. In fact, quite impressive!