Record Cleaning Machine - Loricraft PRC-3 vs. 4?

The Loricraft record cleaning machines look very promising, using a small point vacuum as opposed to a vacuum slot.

The PRC-4 has a stronger vacuum pump compared to the PRC-3, but is it really a significantly better choice in practice? (the difference in price, amortized over years of use and 1000's of cleanings, is less of a concern).

I have recently purchased a Loricraft PRC4dlx and a friend has the latest Keith Monks MkVII Omni.

Both have their own pros and cons.

In terms of build quality, the Loricraft has more of a handmade feel to it while the KM machine has more of a factory manufactured feel (for wont of a better description).

The Loricraft has real wood verneer sides while the KM has faux wood laminate covering. Both have chassis made of MDF.

The KM has a solid cover included with the machine while the Loricraft has an optional perspex cover.

The KM machine has automatic fluid application while the Loricraft is done using a handheld squirt bottle.

The KM machine uses a brush/fluid applicator arm - brush is removable for cleaning. You have to hold brush the record on the Loricraft.

The KM has automatic thread advancement and take up while this is done manually on the Loricraft.

The Loricraft has forward and reverse for the platter while the KM only spins in one direction. Easier to scrub records with the Loricraft.

Where the KM falls down IMO is with it's platter which appears to be off the ones off those cheap Numark DJ TTs. The Loricraft platter is much nicer being neoprene covered, thin and flat.

Both units seem to have the same performance cleaning wise with the KM having the edge up over the Loricraft only in terms of automation.
Hey Dan, congrats! Now you can take 45 minutes to clean an LP like the rest of us audio-nuts.

Just joshin' folks. Dan has seen my PRC3 in action and knows what he's getting. I re-cleaned an LP of his once during dinner and the improvement was startling. We all wish there was a faster way but as Syntax just pointed out on the Audio Desk thread, there's fast and there's effective...
Thanks, Doug. I'm already putting in the time so I may as well get much better results and, most importantly, save my hearing. That Hoover motor probably runs 100 dB. :-)
Great news, Dan! Join the club. I assume you will be using the AIVS fluid system. How many steps? I added the No. 15 as a pre soak to the standard 3-step plus an extra final pure water rinse. Great results. Enjoy listening to more of the music from now on.