Record collecting versus hoarding

At what point does "collecting" records become hoarding? Unless you are in the business of selling records either primarily or even secondarily, why do so many people here talk about having 2,3,4,6,10,000 records and CDs? It's not stamps or coins.

Let's say you listen to records 15 hours a week (a good estimate for me) that equates to about 750 hours a year or 1000 records a year. I like to listen to mine at least once every three months - I have 300 records and change. In the rare instance when I replace one for a better sounding one (I've done it maybe 4-5 times), I immediately sell the old one - with only one exception. The Sgt Pepper UHQR. I already had it on the Beatles Collection and do occasionally listen to it when I want a treat. It does sound better than the regular Mofi one, which sounds great to me.

Why would you have multiple copies of the same record and not just listen to the best sounding one and sell the rest?

Why would you want records you listen to less than once a year?

Maybe some people listen a lot more than me (and replace cartridges/styli pretty ofter or have a bunch of them)?

The reason I bring this up is because Acoustic Sounds is releasing Steely Dan's studio albums from the 1970s on their UHQR brand (not sure how they now own the name and not Mofi, but that is not the point), I am a huge fan and will be getting a few of these overpriced (IMHO) records, which will replace a few of my non-audiophile (except the Aja Mofi) records. I plan to sell the Aja Mofi immediately after getting the UHQR, which I am sure will sound much better. That is worth a few bucks, but the others I sell should be worth $10-15 in trade at a record store.

Anyone with records they play less than once a year or keep multiple pressings of a single album, please let me know your rationale.

Are you a hoarder? Too lazy to get rid of them? Like the way they decorate your room?


...It’s not stamps or coins.

Why can’t it be like stamps or coins? There are certainly many parallels to record collecting. Many of us collectors have "completist" tendencies when it comes to certain artists, labels or genres. When your first twenty Impulse, Trojan Records, George Jones purchases are home runs, you tend to just keep blindly acquiring more, especially if you find them in the dollar bin or garage sales.

Also just like stamps/coins, there’s that thrill of the hunt...finding that rare record that’s been on our want list for years.

As mentioned above, prior to streaming music or youtube, there really wasn’t any way to discover new artists besides buying the record and taking it home to listen to. I used to sell back my (at the time) unwanted records to buy new records, but after many instances of re-buying records a second time, I stopped turning over my collection as much. I might only listen to that Dead Milkmen record once every 10 years or so, but even pulling it out of the stack and looking at the cover brings back memories of youth. Why would I get rid of that experience if I have the room to still hold onto it?

As dpop said above though, really the difference between a collector and hoarder is more of a logistical question.




Records are meant to be listened to. Just like cars are meant to be driven. Artists want their music to be listened to. Mine were bought one by one and have to be in some sort of rotation to earn their keep.

OP: Older music lovers will typically have large record (&/or CD) collections. It's not a bad thing. 


@big_greg LOL. At least you still have room in your tent for more

Not me but my Dad, he has over 2500 records at least, last count was 1800 in the late 80’s most bought at garage sales and what not. He currently has no sound system with a turn table set up but still buys vinyl. But the worst part is he has had his “collection” in storage for the last 20 years. By my calculations that is $100/ month for 240 months comes $24000, with zero enjoyment. I just moved his entire collection cross country and was told one day it will all be mine. Great I get to move it, sort it and sell it. Don’t get me wrong I know there is gold in them there hills but the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. 
long story short keep your collection in check or it will end up owning you. Hoarding vs collecting is a razors edge. 

It is a Human Condition to be interested, it is Human Condition with Dysfunction to become Obsessional.

Be thankful when the Obsessional is limited to collecting way too many CD's / LP's that can be used, there are many worse Obsessional Scenarios for individuals to become controlled by. 

I don't know if Streaming Catalogues will fit into this, as the collecting of the antiquated mediums, where there is an intent to acquire endless tangible material is already assembled for an individual, when they adopt the latest intangible medium for their music collection and listening needs.