Record crates

“I” owned ten of these crates (and the excess weight about my mid-section) 40 years ago, my ex-wife (NOT a Bier drinker) took 5 in our divorce, one I know I gave to a friend when I got back to the states in ‘83, one is just gone, somewhere.


I scoured the web, eBay and Fakebook marketplace until I found 3 more Das Altenmünster Brau Bier Kisten (crates) a couple years back just 20 minutes from my house (bottles included).

My record collection is growing, not to mention the hundreds still in boxes I haven’t sorted out yet. My last wife (in six months we’ll be married 33 years… I say “last” in the sense that I’m pretty sure this IS the last time I get married in this life) and I had collected wine while we still lived in California, bought in wooden crates and, as time would have it, the wine’s been drunk, our cellar’s cleared of just about everything but a handful of bottles and I WAS about to burn up the boxes when I realized “hey, I have a table saw, and a model here” so I spent Saturday evening listening to Hot Jazz Saturday Night on WAMU radio disassembling the boxes, yesterday morning cutting them into pieces and part of the evening reassembling them into four “new” record crates. Oh, I also used thicker wood from pallets my son had repurposed back when he was living at home making end tables, coffee tables and headboards out of them for fun and profit.

I’m semi-retired so I have this kind of “free” (21 years in the Army kind of “free”) time, resources, and now I’m thinking of taking on future projects in our new home (currently under construction and going WAY over budget and time) like a bathroom linen closet, mud/laundry room pantry and more. 

Also more vinyl record crates…