Record shops in the Nashville Tn. area.

I'll be in Nashville this week and would like to know if there are any good record shops in the surrounding area.
I'm looking for mostly lp's. I know there are a few shops in Nashville which i've already been to.
Any info on shops in the surrounding area would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rick.
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Rossi's Record Room south of Nashville towards Franklin on Franklin Rd though it might be closed down.

Interesting story: It was a father and son store, both of who were pro wrestlers back in the days before Monday night madness. I believe they even wrestled tag team. Anyway, when they retired the old man opened a health food store (supplements, vitamins, and such) and the son had a room stuffed with records. Some a little rough but Ok prices if you were careful. A year or two ago the son got one of those cancers that goes from feeling bad to diagnosis to death in a month or so. I don’t know if the old man has kept the record room open or not.

Knoxville has some good shops but 180 miles away. Basement Records just south of downtown and Lost & Found records near UT. Chad's Records 130 miles south in Chattanooga is a pretty good store.

In Nashville:

Grimey's, best of the bunch, usually good condition and price. A very good selection of new vinyl especially if you are into new artists.

Great Escape, some decent deals but be very careful, a lot of "as is" worthless junk stuff that is overpriced

Phonoluxe, generally waaaay overpriced on anything that is decent but they do have some interesting stuff. A large $1 classical collection. No Guarantees. I paid $20 for a record that looked great but sounded like it was played with a sewing needle. Tough luck, no returns..
I forgot Lawrence Records down on Broadway near Tubb's. All new sealed LP's and 45's. They haven't gotten a new record in years and what they have is pretty picked over, but I've gotten some good stuff there. Prices aren't great but OK for sealed vinyl.