Record sleeves?

I have been adding alot of used vinyl to my collection, the question I would like to ask you guys is what do you use as inner sleeves. I usually use VRP inner sleeves at $45 per c
it was racking up reel quick (used I have been averaging about 20 to 25 per 2 weeks). So I decided to find a less inexpensive source, I purchase my 3mil outer bags at bags unlimited. I talked to them on the phone about poly inner bags at $12 per c they assured me about the poly bags would not hurt the vinyl. After receiving them I am reluctlent to use them am issues of static and scratching. Do I bite the bullet on this one and continue to use the ricepaper VRP sleeves? David
I may still have a link to a supplier in Gt. Britain who has “genuine” rice paper sleeves but at last quote were .87 cents each. I did not think it worth mentioning at that price.
Both Red Trumpet and Music Direct are selling 3-ply polyethylene sleeves that match what I believe Cpdunn99 is describing. Here are the links to their descriptions:

Music Direct

Music Direct
Hello, I am a long time user of the vrp sleeves and used to purchase them from music direct however they no longer sell them and now sell the mofi sleeves. I purchased a 100 of them and have to say I will not purchase any more, they are the same price and the manufacturing quality is poor to say the least. Who sells the vrp sleeves now? It is worth the extra cost for quality especially considering the cost of some of the records today. Thanks and a happy holiday to all.
Par3n1: this is the problem! There apparently is NO seller anymore of VRP sleeves. Here is the exact text from Sleeve City:

"VRP Sleeves" made by Discwasher were considered to be the original rice paper type of sleeve. Only problem is, Discwasher filed for bankruptcy and folded up shop several months ago. To the very best of my knowledge there is not a "rice paper" sleeve on the market any longer."

So, I will try some of the links suggested to see if they still have some remaining.

And THANKS everyone who responded to my plea!
Damm! I`m glad i bought 500 3 or 4 months ago I hope that the VRP sleeve`s will resurface if that is the case. They are a little pricey but most who have used the product will say it`s a great product. David