Record Weights/Disc Stabilizers

I was curious about folks' takes on record weights/disc stabilizers.  Let me start by saying that I'm not as interested in a disc clamp, although I understand why some prefer them.  I have a turntable (Technics SL-1210G) that can handle up to a 1kg weight so the first question--is more weight always better?  Any differences found in what they are made of (outside of how that affects the weight)?  Anything else I should be considering?

I hope to demo a few but wanted to narrow things down a bit if possible.



Beware the unabashed totalizers, who universalize their experience and speak in axioms and absolutes.

I use VPI's screw-down stainless/Delrin reflex clamp and periphery ring.  They work great IMO - there's no better way to flatten out your records short of a vacuum platter.

All the tedious set-up steps we go through with our cartridges (VTA, VTF, azimuth, overhang, alignment, etc) assume an unwarped record.  IMO everything goes right out the window if you don't use a weight of some sort and something to keep the edge of the record flat against the platter. 

@kfscoll I had a VPI for a while and started with the clamp and moved to the center weight and periphery ring.  Over time I just found it detracted from my wanting to play records.  I respect anyone who wants to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their deck, but a little like record cleaning, it needs to be simple.

For example, I'm not s person who would ever go through the Kirmuss method of cleaning a record, but I would put in in a Degritter and hit a button.  Likewise, I'll get the initial setup right but refuse to do things like VTA on the fly for every record.  To me, anything that might actually make you avoid playing a record is a negative, That's pretty much why I'm sticking with weights/stabilizers for the Technics--I want to enjoy listening to records but not fixate on the setup, so I'm in total "set and forget" mode here.

@badgerdms I hear ya.  I never mess with VTA-on-the-fly either, primarily because it's a PITA but also because changing VTA also changes VTF.  I used a generic 180g record to set up my turntable and those are the settings I use with all my records.

I can totally understand if you don't want to use the periphery clamp.  I don't find it much of a bother, and I've never come close to damaging my cantilever when using it, so I just go for it.  There are a few records I have that are just a bit too small for it to work...oh well!