Recording Vinyl to iMac questions..

I want to digitise some of my LP's. I have had a brief look around of what to
do and software/hardware i will need.

VPI TT (got)

iMac running Audacity.

24bit Apogee or Lynx A-D converter at 96 khz

CEDAR CT15 de-click or Izotope RXA software.

I think that lot will do the trick and the way I see setting it up and running it is this?

Connect TT to the A-D converter then that too the PC?

Run the de-click program first. On doing that though do I need to give myself headroom for dynamic peaks or will the software take care of it and i run at -1 dbfs?
Do I need to do a second pass on the Audacity software after the de-click software?
Please let me know if i'm going down the right path!
Thanks for the input guy's..

Jylee, i was going to copy at 24 bit 96 khz. Is this okay or should i raise the resolution?

Also do you remove surface noise, if so what programme do you find to be good..

Kind regards.
Thanks for starting this thread barnacebill. I am new to vinyl and I too was looking at recording to macbook pro. My desire is to listen to my LP only recordings in the car and to see if my LP recordings sound better than some of my CD's

I will look into Duet and Furutech.


1) Wouldn't declicking software degrade sound?

2) Are there any other ways of going about this that do not cost a fortune?
24/96 resolution is more than enough. Noise floor of most high end DACs is 20-22 bits. I'd imagine the recording resolution of Duet is probably between 18-20 bits. Also 24/192 will take up way too much space to be practical.

I don't perform any processing other than RIAA equalization from the phono stage. I did try Adobe Audition to reduce persistent clicks and pop, and it works quite well. But normally I don't do any processing on the recording.
Thanks Jylee..

Bjbcab, i presume that the click's from the record are above the normal peaks of the music, removing them has no bearing on the end sound.

I haven't looked myself but there may be free software around that can do the job of de-clicking but i haven't looked for them. To get the best result's you will need an 24 bit A-D converter, have a hunt around for some more affordable unit's or start a thread to see what people are using..