Red Trumpet still in business?

Anyone know if Red Trumpet is still in business? No one answers e-mails and the phone line is always busy. No new additions on their website of incoming product for over 2 weeks now. I have also noticted a significant decline in their customer service over the last few months. Thanks for any information, I have a number of pieces on order and need to know if I should go elsewhere.
if what jmslaw is saying is true then instead of wishing rick flynn the best of luck we should be wishing him jail time!

how could any decent person accept payment for gear that they knew full well would never be shipped to the buyers? im not a bankruptcy expert but i refuse to believe that something like bankruptcy just sneaks up on a business & the owner didnt have some kind of idea that his customers would never get anything but still took orders & accepted payments & deposits.

i dont know about anybody else but im wishing the best of luck to the customers of red trumpet not the owner.

Red Trumpet was a wonderful site to peruse (especially the short and well-written r & r news of the past), their prices were reasonable, shipping was nominal or free (depending on cost of the order), their selection of vinyl and import cds was outstanding, and their customer service was excellent. For all you budding economists, what lessons are to be gleaned from the demise of Red Trumpet?
I remember going to Rick's home in Virginia during the early days, listening to music and, walking out with many purchases. I also was "let loose" in the York warehouse a few years ago.
I'm saddened by the end of Red Trumpet. Rick's honesty will be missed. I can't tell you how many times he talked me out of a purchase, saying " the version you have now is better. You'll be disappointed. Don't buy it." I don't run into that much (if ever) in this hobby.
You should send a certified letter to the credit card company outlining the fact that the company is not in business. A Phone call is not sufficient to protect your rights.

Richard Bischoff
I could be wrong, but I thought that your card was only charged when the order was shipped. I know that was the case for music orders, but it could be different for gear.

People with pending music orders should have nothing to worry about.

I had recently stopped using Red Trumpet because of lagging service and better pricing/service from another site.

Thanks for posting the message about the bankruptcy.