Red Wine Audio - 30.2 LFP-V

Has anyone recently replaced the battery pack on this unit?

If so, where did you get the parts?  I can't seem to find a like for like and am hesitant to disassemble the pack I have in the event I can't source a replacement.

25.6V LiFe Po4 batteries. 

Thanks in advance, 


Thanks for the information, most appreciated!

If I figure this out I will post back.

I'm going to have to spend some time with pen & paper to write out how this will work.  

3 years ago I contacted Vinnie about this very thing and he replied:

The 30.2 LFP-V battery is custom.  I try to keep a few in stock at any given time.  It is $395, and installation is $75.  It is a little tricky to install because it is encased in a custom metal bracket, and it is hard to take apart.

But you can also just put the battery pack inside the unit without mounting it in the bracket (just don't ship it that way - it would need to be kept stationary on your rack / shelf).  Then you can easily install / remove it if you want.


Thanks for the replies and insight.  I did communicate with Vinnie and he is out of stock.  I am looking into another way to accomplish the battery mode, while the powered mode IS working with the unit.  If I have some success I will share with the group.


Thank you,,