Reducing noise in an Ethernet over power configuration

I don’t have the luxury of a separate Ethernet outlet for streaming so I’m using PoE.  I’ve never been impressed with the sound quality of my EtherRegen feedin my Sonore UltraRendu.  I’m seeing products from iFi Like the silencer + that coul eliminate some of the noise.  Has anyone used one of these products for this type of application? 


Maybe a switch where some ports are PoE and some are unpowered 

I have a TP Link Ether over AC adapter going into a TP Link fast switch with SFP ports.   From the switch I use a TP Link media converter via fiber optic to a media converter next to my Aurender.  From there into the Aurender.   Dead quiet.   

I had a similar Ether over AC adapter by Netgear and determined that was the cause of my noise.  Got the TP Link version that was 2 x as fast and it's super quiet.  

I would recommend a wall wart wifi extender. Ethernet over power is not a good solution. 

I use this solution and a know of a number of outstanding high end systems (>$150K) using it. High quality streamers take care of any shortcomings.

You could try iFI silencer and see if it helps. Personally I would avoid PoE at all cost, why add more noise only to remedy afterwards. Instead, try mesh network pods (you need two, one next to router or modem and 2nd receiver near UltraRendu). 

“High quality streamers take care of any shortcomings.”


I beg to differ, check out what Taiko has done lately to eliminate noise from Ethernet….I can’t imagine anyone feeding Taiko off PoE 😳