Reel to Reel decks

Is anyone out there using reel to reels anymore? I remember at one time(30 years ago), they were probably some of the best analog reproduction equipment out there. Of course, it doesn't matter much if you can't buy good prerecorded tapes. I've googled prerecorded tapes, but haven't found much out there. Anyone have a good source? Also, can anyone recommend a good deck?
The only reason I could think of to let a pro do it is that there are lots of rubber parts in this machine. I don't know how they'll react to the proshot or any other mix of lube/solvent.
Listen to Orpheus10. Akai made some nice decks, but the parts are notoriously difficult to source and Akai's don't compare too favorably in both the sound and maintenance departments to Revox, Teac, Pioneer, Tandbergs, etc.

It's awesome to have a cool, gifted heirloom, but resale & if it will see serious use are always considerations when thinking of refirbing and esp. spending to refirb vintage gear.

If you just want to have a lark, why don't you just hit it hard with the contact cleaner and see what you have on your hands first?
That's pretty much where I'm at with it, Marchameslice. I'll post my results on this thread when I get to the project, since this thread is truly one of the few sources for kind of info. Many thanks again.

Cool man, let us know how it goes with it. I have a Revox A77 & a Technics 1506 and I really enjoy messing around with tape.. so what if it's a bit anochronistic :)

There are a few other boards you can check out for some RTR info. A dedicated one called comes to mind, also the Tape Trail forum at the AA (doesn't get a lot of action these days, but there are some very experienced folks who lurk over there). Also, places like the Bottlehead/Tape Project board and the boards have some really nice and informative RTR minded people on them as well.

Good luck with it! M

I know of an Akai R2R for sale right now at a vintage shop...i don't think it's too expensive actually i don't think he knew what it was worth at all. The unit works through and through, if you need parts or want to replace let me know and i'll msg you the details.