Refinishing wood on my Maggies

I would like to change socks and refinish the wood on my maggies (3.5s and 20.1s). Can anyone refer me to a good source for instructions on this? Thank you
Socks are available, at reasonable prices, from Magnepan. Any good cabinet shop can refinish the wood trim. Might be cheaper to buy new trim from Magnepan. Stripping and staining yourself is certainly possible with care and patience.
Narrod, Thanks for the input. Do you know . . Is it a big deal to remove the trim or is it designed for easy removal? Socks?
It is easy but tedious to remove the socks. Magnepan does not spare the staples. There are a bunch. The trim is also easy to remove. Just be careful, of the speaker elements, when working with them. Best to have a helper.