Refoam for ProAc Response 3.5 Woofers

I recently acquired these speakers that are in need of repair. I was counting on Bill @ Millersound to do the work however he advised me he no longer works on ProAc's . Any recommendations on other HQ service providers in the tri-state area of PA /NJ/DE ?


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@jjss49 so sorry for the long delay . I found a number of repair shops which said they do Proac' s. Bill said he stopped due to the extremely tight tolerance . I suppose he had to many repairs returned on them . 
CK Speaker repair in SoCal
Speaker repair Pros also in SoCal
The Speaker Factory in Gaithersburg MD.
Others said they repair any speaker . The three above seemed quite credible and Knowledgable of the ProAc line and repair needs.

Getting ready to ship them to one of them.. . 

@jjss49  update I ended up with a different company ,  VanL Speakerworks in Chicago (Norridge, Ill) .
His response time,  communication and work were all excellent. The speakers are now installed and sound excellent. 

thank you thank you
i will search them out and keep in the file for that day, when it comes :)

btw, how do the redone drivers sound compared to what you recall of the originals?
@jjss49  The speakers sound wonderful. I have not pushed them hard yet . Full disclosure : I also did not push them hard prior to the repair as the surrounds were starting to fail. I acquired them last month knowing  the surrounds had seen better days.