Refrigerator noise

Seriously guys, how do you deal with it? My fridge is in the vicinity of my living room with all my equipment. It's pretty old machine, and the compressor is making noise almost half the time it's on ( seems to me pretty unusual, when I go to see my friends I never hear anything). I even set the level lower, but to no avail. Anybody with a similar problem? How can you check noise of a new fridge in a fairly loud environment of big store? Any recommendation (brand names)? No ice boxes please... :-)
Brands like Liebherr, Bosch and Miele have very quiet compressors and have a dB rating.
You mention that the current refigerator is old, so why not buy a newer one ?

Not sure if they have any scratch & dent stores in your area, but if they do, you can get a new fridge for very little as long as you dont mind the imperfections it might have.
I've never really investigated this much, but propane-powered refrigerators are dead silent. unfortunately, I was told that they're not legal in non-mobile homes, but who knows?
Try cleaning all around the compressor. You'd be amazed how much crap builds up in there, especially if you have pets. If the compressor is covered in crap it runs harder and longer.
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