Rega DAC: Cable suggestions

just got a Rega dac. I am pretty happy with the dac but it is a little bassy. From reseach some people have found this dac bassy while others have not. Depends on system.

I originally had a best buy digital cord which was very bad with bass conrol. I then purchased a cheap Blue Jean Cable which was much impproved.

I really need better bass control and I am looking for suggestions for for a Digital Cable, Interconnects, and power cord up grade.

I would like to keep the budget for each cord from $100-150 new or used. I know not much $$$ but the primary goal is bass control or improved bass. The soundstage is good of course if I could find a cable/cords that could help the bass and expand the soundstage it would be a plus.

also if I need to exceed my buget I will and just buy one cable at a time.

System: Marantz 5004 CDP -transport to Rega Dac- Feed into an Exposure XV Super Intergrated- Speakers are System Audio Mantra 10.

Currently using stock rega power cord, blue Jeans digital cords. Unknown interconnect given to me by friend.

I also really want to avoid bright cables or a bright sound. That is why I went with the Rega. Any direct experience with a Rega Dac would by extremely helpful.
Have you tried all the different filter settings on your DAC to see how they affect the bass? I have the same DAC and found the fourth or fifth setting to sound leaner than the first. I prefer the first setting in my setup most of the time but sometimes switch to a different filter if the recording sounds too boomy. You've probably already done that but if not, could be a free fix.
Audience Conductor entry level cables very good refined sound no bloat from the cable anyways.
If you just got it, its probably not broken in yet. Also, the IC's going from the dac to your preamp may make a bigger difference than the digital cable.