Rega DAC vs Micromega MyDAC

Has anyone compared these DACs? I have been sitting on the digital sidelines using the Mydac experimenting with computer audio trying to understand what works for me. I have decided I don't want a computer audio setup and don't really care about the hi-rez format. Vinyl is my primary source and I don't want to invest much down the digital path. I have a Rega Osiris amp and wonder if the Rega DAC would be an improvement over the MyDAC? I would be playing mainly CDs through a transport.

Long term I would like to add a simple streamer that I can attach a external hard drive to and run from a tablet. That way I can organize and backup the files on my desktop. Any reasonable priced products out there that would do it? Alot of them seem to be packaged with hard drives and DACs, I just want a streaming device that will read the hard drive and feed a simple DAC.
I purchased a Rega DAC a few months ago and have nothing but praise.
A former Apollo owner, I missed the musical "Rega sound".
If you're looking for balanced, straightforward, distortion free (and musical),
you can't go wrong.
Will you be running any high-res files? Or standard rate?

If standard, an easy solution would be a Sonos Connect (and not to expensive), to go along with the Rega DAC (or your MyDAC).

Rega and Sonos dealer disclaimer.
The MyDAC is actually an extremely good budget DAC. I doubt anything under $1k is a substantial improvement and many would be inferior. Haven't heard the REGA DAC specifically though.
Thanks for the responses, I would love to hear from someone who has compared the 2 DACs. The MyDAC sounds great for the $$ but curious if the Rega would provide more synergy with my Rega Osiris amp.

I have looked at the Sonos Connect and it looks interesting but it doesn't look like a hard drive can be connected to the unit, I would have to stream the music through the Wifi. Is this correct? also for almost the same price I could buy a Mac Mini and add hi-rez and home theater to the mix even though I wouldn't use it much.
REGA .... all stop, IMO.

I have the REGA ISIS valve cdp and the OSIRIS integrated.
There is that "je ne sais quoi" REGA synergy in all REGA components.

Just as an "FYI" the ISIS has a USB input for playing all your ripped files through its own hi-end internal DAC with full functionality through its remote.

The REGA standalone DAC you are asking about is fine kit on its own; but using the ISIS (particularly with the synergy with the OSIRIS) is the next big step up

There are a couple floating out there used.

Highly recommended.