Rega Elicit-R

I need help... I have a Rega Elicit-R that is shutting down periodically. It is getting hotter on the left side. My understanding is that an adjustment of the bias will solve this issue.

so, does anybody have a service manual for the Rega Elicit-R? If not, has anybody changed the bias and knows the values?

If you can’t bring the amp to a qualified technician for troubleshooting and the problem is largely caused by overheating (you can actually troubleshoot yourself by doing some simple tests), try to determine whether the overheating is caused by insufficient space around the amp especially the top, or the load of the speakers is too much for the amp (low impedance and sensitivity).

If the amp feels hot at the top, give it more space to aid air circulation. 5 inches or more. Alternatively, listen at lower volumes as the amp may be stressed at higher volumes thus causing it to overheat and trigger the auto-shutdown feature.
The amp is definitely hotter on the left side. I opened the top and slid it to the right by about 3 inches. From the board, the Elicit-R has a wire that connects to the Top Plate. I’m not sure what this does, so, I haven’t unhooked it to take the entire Top Plate off.

I am not getting any shut downs since I opened the top by 3 inches.

anybody have thoughts on this?

One other question about the Elicit-R... what is the wire that's connected to the inside top cover?