Rega owners

RP1 plus performance upgrades or RP3? I want to spend around $6-7 hundred but might be willing to go up to the RP3 if it is worth it. Thanks
3, w/o question. The 1 seems to have some "QC" issues. Even if the 1 didn't, the 3 is the better platform... and a classic.
My P1 has no quality issues but I would still get the best turntable money can buy. I would suggest saving more money and moving right up to the RP6.

Just buy a low costs Nagaoka MP110 and a couple of tone arm shims rather than one of Rega's own cartridges.

I own a P1, Planar 2 and P5 with TT PSU.
Thanks. Right now I'm just trying to upgrade from a 1960's / 70's era Phillips that I got for $50 bucks. It actually doesn't sound too bad. The main reason for my question is whether A Rega 1 or 3 would be a substantial step up from where I am now? I'm not really a fast upgrader and feel my system is pretty good now, but think a modest phono upgrade is in order. I have a Odyssey Stratus extreme plus amp, Lazurus tube pre-amp, and Nestorovic 5AS speakers.
It seems the consensus is the RP 3 would give me way more than the RP1, correct?
Yes to the Rp3. If that old Philips table is working OK, buy a decent cartridge and buy records. Those old tables were actually quite good.
The arms on those old Philips TT's were junk, I owned several. ALL you need is an RP1 or a entry level Pro-ject from Audio Advisor.