Rega owners

RP1 plus performance upgrades or RP3? I want to spend around $6-7 hundred but might be willing to go up to the RP3 if it is worth it. Thanks
I'm a Rega P9 owner and have heard/demoed many Rega decks. IMO the P7 is the gateway to true high-end sound in regards to Rega tables. I have not demoed the current RP6 so I can't tell you how it compares to the P7. My best advice is wait until you can find a mint P7($1500?). This option will let you survive several cartridge/electronics/speaker upgrades. There will always be demand for the better Rega tables P9/7 RP10/8, so good resale value will always remain intact.
I started with the P5/Exact, moved up to the P7/Dynavector DV20H and finally to the P9/Lyra Delos. Dayglow has it right - start as high up the line as you can so you will not feel the need to upgrade too soon.
Thanks. Right now I'm just trying to upgrade from a 1960's / 70's era Phillips that I got for $50 bucks. It actually doesn't sound too bad. The main reason for my question is whether A Rega 1 or 3 would be a substantial step up from where I am now? I'm not really a fast upgrader and feel my system is pretty good now, but think a modest phono upgrade is in order. I have a Odyssey Stratus extreme plus amp, Lazurus tube pre-amp, and Nestorovic 5AS speakers.
Wildoats-If your a DIY guy and don't mind vintage gear you have many options. If you want a new table the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon($399)appears to be the best value in new budget tables. I have not heard Carbon Debut but have heard other lower cost Pro-Ject tables and they offer alot of value. The Rega RP3($895) in stock form is not a great value. After all the RP3 upgrades you would be better off getting a used P7 which would still outperform the maxed out RP3.
RP3 in a heartbeat Wildoats,

There is little upgradeable path with the RP1. However, there is almost infinite upgradeable path with the RP3. The RP3 is (IMHO) in a league of its own. Fast, detailed, superb dynamics, taut bass, with uncanny PRaT!

The new tech is simply superb. Comparable to P7 standards.

No brainier.