Rega P2, Thorens TD-180 or Music Hall MMF-5.1?

For approximately $600, all these look to be top contenders. Which is the best sounding, highest quality table? In particular, I'm looking for a TT that minimizes inner-groove distotion (which, on my Technics SL-3200, seems unavoidable on some records...)
The Thorens TD-180 has long been unavailable, so that narrows your choice to two. (If you mean the TD-170, forget it; it's junk.)

The Music Hall MMF-5 has a slightly more sophisticated deck than the Rega, but the Rega P2 has a far, far superior tonearm. In my experience, simpler is better, and provided you can properly isolate the Rega, I'd go that way -- the RB250 arm is by far the best in class and can function wonderfully on tables much more expensive than the P2.

Want the best idea as far as future-proofing is concerned? Get a Rega P3 for a few bucks more. The RB30 arm is phenomenal, and if you later upgrade to the external power supply and a cartridge in the $500 range, you can have a quiet, tight, fast analog front end.
Thanks for your response. I meant to say the Thorens TD190, if that changes anything.
As a former owner of an MMF-5, I would advise to go with the Rega. The Rega arm is much better than the Pro-ject arm on the MMF-5. And easy and affordable to upgrade.