Rega P2, Thorens TD-180 or Music Hall MMF-5.1?

For approximately $600, all these look to be top contenders. Which is the best sounding, highest quality table? In particular, I'm looking for a TT that minimizes inner-groove distotion (which, on my Technics SL-3200, seems unavoidable on some records...)
As a former owner of an MMF-5, I would advise to go with the Rega. The Rega arm is much better than the Pro-ject arm on the MMF-5. And easy and affordable to upgrade.
I bought a Thorens 190 for my father-in-law for Christmas. He is hard of hearing and REQUIRES an automatic turntable. The sound was OK, but the table has no future - upgrades, etc.

I agree with Ekobesky a new P3 would be future proof. If your dollars don't stretch that far I'd begin with a P2.

Just my 2 cents.
The TD190 is a good fully-automatic model but the manual P2 and MMF-5 are sonically superior.
Again, thanks for the input!
How does the Pro-Ject Xpression III stack up to the MMF-5.1 and Rega P2?
I have a new MMF-7.1 and am thinking of upgrading to a Rega P5 or VPI. The Pro-Ject arms aren't very tweak friendly.