Rega P25 vs VPI Scout

Just wondering if anyone has heard/compared both of these tables. My listeing tastes are mostly Rock/Jazz. I like a toe tapping/head banging, detailed type of sound.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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both are good tables, but look around first. a second hand table in nice condition is the way to go. there is even a systemdek(internal suspension) on audiogon which rivals the 5,25, and the scout for 360 with an arm. lots more too.
My listening genre and desire to extract the most "slam" from recordings mirrors your goals.

I listened to the Scout and P3 side by side with the Dynavector 10x5 and it was a no brainer for me: the Rega is the clear winner in slam, punch, and "toe-tap" factor.

The scout has a smoother, more refined sound to my ears which is why I think many audiophiles prefer it. If I were a classical listener I'd lean towards the Scout perhaps, and the Scout is clearly on another level with regards to aesthetics - it's a beautiful table.

For rock and jazz, I just simply preferred the faster sound of the Rega (no heckles from the peanut gallery please - my P3 runs dead-on 33.33rpm...); the fact that the P3/10x5 combo ran me under a grand new compared to close to $2k for the Scout/10x5 combo was a serious factor too.

As for VTA - it's simple enough to adjust with the cheap Rega spacers.
"no VTA adjustment and the VPI with no anti-skate."

Simply incorrect. The VPI has always had anti-skate, just not a standard implementation and now regular anti-skate is available for those who didn't like Harry's original concept.
I had a P25 that I liked quite well, but found a good used VPI HW19 MKIII with a modified RB300 Tonearm and couldn't resist. The HW19 series, especially a MK IV, is a huge bargain for the price and a great alternative to both the Rega and the Scout. Of course, the HW19 series is discontinued but still I'd recommend adding it to your list.

I know, once you open the door to "other" TTs there are dozens that you could choose from. But the HW19 MK III and IV are in the same vein as the two you are looking for info on but great TTs at great prices.

Between the two you asked about, I'd go with the Scout.

Good Luck