Rega P3-24 isolation ??..... any thoughts ??

Right now, I simply have my table, with its stock feet, sitting perfectly level on the second shelf of a very stable Sanus rack. My 55 pound Rogue amp is on the top shelf, and the weight of the amp is keeping the rack incredibly stable on my concrete basement floor (thin foam padding and commercial grade carpet over the concrete.)
I can jump up and down right next to the rack, and the stylus does not skip at all. Please click on my system and see photos.
So, without spending too much $$, should I consider any isolation platform and/or special feet, cones, pods, etc. ?.........Let's hear some ideas from you Rega TT owners. Thanks.
The Rega turntables sound very well over their original Wall Shelf (180 $USD)
Thanks, guys.........Has anyone tried a maple or MDF board resting on Vibracones or Herbie's Tenderfeet or brass cones (or something similar), with the table (with its stock rubber feet) sitting on the board ? Would this offer any sonic improvement ?
I've tried my Goldring (Rega clone) on an mdf board resting on original Vibrapods, I haven't tried the cones. I thought the difference was minimal, with the outcome going slightly against having the "vibrapod sandwich" in place. I thought the bass lost a bit of slam when the table was on the vibrapods/board and it didn't really gain much in terms of lowering the noise floor or increasing detail retrieval.

One thing you might consider is moving the table away from the amplifier. The electromagnetic fields surrounding output transformers can really mess with the cartridge and the delicate signals it sends to the phono-pre.