Rega P3-24 Vs VPI Scout.

With these tables being so very close in price... which is the better table? I listen to classic rock, alt, indy, a tiny bit of jazz. I also have B&W speakers(if that helps.) oh and this is my first turntable... Not really sure what is going on.

These tables are loved by almost everyone... I can't seem to put one above the other. PLEASE HELP!
As insulting and naive as I find Viridian's comments, he is correct about Rega's engineering. They do take the "less is more" approach. However, there are varying effective routes to dealing with vibration - as is evidenced by the quite heavy Technics.

But, hey what do I know - I'm too busy filling up my 10,000 square foot McMansion and building a garage big enough to hold my fleet of Hummers.... yeah, right!

Man, I could go for a cheeseburger - haven't had one in a couple of hours.
Im a P3 owner. And if i would have paid the full price new i would be disapointed, but fortunately i got one used at a very good price. I say that because the P3 is very cheap in many way. BUT, what make the P3 so attractive is it's simplicity and ease to play music. The P3 is like an HOT ROD once customized you can get a very high performance TT for a real bargain.

I dont know for the VPI Scout but this one look very nice and the quality seem there. Price to price i would get the VPI without any esitation.

Or get a used P3 and mod it to get a killer TT for the same price.
I had a Scout and a Technics SL1200 and now a Rega P9. If you can stretch your budget, pick up a used Rega P9. it has every option so that you will not be tempted to modify it, which will cost more in the long run with the Scout or P3 24.
I had the regular P3 w/RB300 arm, Grado gold and upgraded to a VPI TNT Jr. (w/Benz Micro Glider). The Rega was $500 and the Grado was $200. The VPI rig (got a great deal) was $2,500 (w/cartridge, with trade in of the rega/grado) and the difference wasn't even close. I know it was much more money, but the VPI was just a different league. Plus, the VPI's are easilly upgradable (later on, I added the super platter, flywheel motor, Cardas cables and SDS speed controler) and I feel that I'm set for a while, and would need to spend considerably more to better what I currently have. Sound is awesome.