Rega P3-24 Vs VPI Scout.

With these tables being so very close in price... which is the better table? I listen to classic rock, alt, indy, a tiny bit of jazz. I also have B&W speakers(if that helps.) oh and this is my first turntable... Not really sure what is going on.

These tables are loved by almost everyone... I can't seem to put one above the other. PLEASE HELP!
I just bought a B-Stock Scout at MusicDirect paired with a Dynavector 10X5. They installed it for free. Total cost $1794. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I cannot find any cosmetic blemishes whatsoever on the so called "B stock". I guess VPI is into perfection.

I also have B&W speakers (801's) and the combo sounds phenomenal. I can't believe this is an entry level table. It's like the deal of the century. Wow.

Kimber Kable Silver Streaks used throughout. Classè amps.
Don`t have it yet but i went with the VPI and Danavector together they sound great.