Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?

Greetings all!

Anyone have insight? Are the similarities/differences apples and oranges? One significantly better? 

I listen to many varieties of music (except rap and heavy metal) and lean towards jazz/folk singer-songwriter/Americana. Upper register sibilance is annoying, but I don't want my sound too laid back/grayed out because I like detailed vocal retrieval.

Dustcover is a requirement; too many damn cats!  Rega has a hinged cover, The Concept a cake cover.  I'm going to put a Hana MC cartridge on the final choice. So which one to purchase for longterm enjoyment? 

I have a system with Audio Research Ref equipment and ProAc DR30 speakers and like the neutral/slightly warm presentation for detail retrieval and coloring. 

Thanks in advance!
Happy listening,
I own a Concept current and have owned many Regas including a P5 TT PSU.  The tables are night and day.

The German table feels better made and is vastly more neutral sounding - great if you listen to a lot of instrumental music (my collection is mostly classical, ECM and prog).  Its dynamics are more natural and come from black backgrounds.  

The Rega is a wonderfully fast, textured and dynamic table.  It has PRaT in a way that the Clearaudio does not.  However the sound lacks body and is more holographic than full.  I like the Rega for jazz and my classic rock and new wave record.  It does classical really well also but the Concept is better for that music.

These are both amazing tables for the money.  I have more than one table as sometime I want PraT and sometimes I want neutrality.


I got the CA Concept with the upgraded arm. From the get go, the Concept was a more resolving turntable in my audio system. If you want upfront toe-tapping energy, get the P6.

FWIW, It WAS great when set-up. My cats thought the same, which is why I removed it from my set-up. At some point in the future, the third bedroom will be an audio room. NO CATS ALLOWED :-)