Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?

Greetings all!

Anyone have insight? Are the similarities/differences apples and oranges? One significantly better? 

I listen to many varieties of music (except rap and heavy metal) and lean towards jazz/folk singer-songwriter/Americana. Upper register sibilance is annoying, but I don't want my sound too laid back/grayed out because I like detailed vocal retrieval.

Dustcover is a requirement; too many damn cats!  Rega has a hinged cover, The Concept a cake cover.  I'm going to put a Hana MC cartridge on the final choice. So which one to purchase for longterm enjoyment? 

I have a system with Audio Research Ref equipment and ProAc DR30 speakers and like the neutral/slightly warm presentation for detail retrieval and coloring. 

Thanks in advance!
Happy listening,


I got the CA Concept with the upgraded arm. From the get go, the Concept was a more resolving turntable in my audio system. If you want upfront toe-tapping energy, get the P6.

FWIW, It WAS great when set-up. My cats thought the same, which is why I removed it from my set-up. At some point in the future, the third bedroom will be an audio room. NO CATS ALLOWED :-)