Rega RP3 or Pro-ject Expression III?

I'm looking to get into vinyl, and I think I've narrowed my turntable choices down to the Rega RP3 and Pro-ject Expression III. My assumption is that they're going to be pretty similar, but I'm wondering if maybe one has a better reputation over the other, or if one brand is known for better build quality than the other, etc.

I'll mostly be listening to garage sale records, but would also like to get some of the newer audiophile quality Jazz reissues available.

Thanks for any advice.

I really like my Pro-ject II Xperience Classic, but if you're set on those two, I might suggest the RP3. I haven't actually heard the Elys or the Sumiko Pearl carts, so I'm not any help there. I heard both of those tables with Grado carts, and I'm still using the Sumiko Blue Point No 2 on my Pro-ject. I think both are good decks.
Go Rega... I know I'll take heat, but Projects do not play the music. Period.
Compare, and write back...
I own a 1Xpression. Would have bought a Rega P3 if I had a local dealer at the time, to be honest. The P3-24 was even better than the P3.

Haven't heard nor seen the RP3, so I can't say for certain about that one.

The Xpressions are very well made and reliable IMO. Not a single problem with mine in about 7 years. Rega's decks have also been pretty solid.

If you buy the Xpression, replace the stock Oyster cart as soon as possible. It's absolute crap. I have a Dynavector 10x5 on mine, which is the upper limit of carts on it IMO. The Xpression's strong point is the tonearm.

I'm not a fan of Rega's carts at all. A lot of people like them though.

I'm not trying to get you to spend more money before you buy, but you should take a serious look at either Pro-Ject's Speed Box or Rega's TTPSU once you get up and running for a bit. Both a a very good upgrade to their respective deck. They'll easily take it up to the next level (again, haven't heard the RP3; basing this on all previous P3s).