Rega Turn Table Hum

I have a P5 and have recently noticed that once the arm/cartridge is at the last song nearing the lable, EMF hum is being introduced I believe from the motor into the cartridge. I never noticed it prior to instaling a groovetracer subplatter, but according to my local Rega dealer they have experienced it using the standard plastic subplatter supplied with the TT.
I would be very interested in hearing from any fellow Rega owners that may have a corrective action to eliminate the hum.
I recently came across (Direct Music Web) a product called ERS cloth which is suppose to block RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). ERS cloth is a blend of carbon fibers coated with proprietary metals that make it virtually impenetrable to RFI. It comes
in 8"x11" sheets.
If any one has any experience with the ERS cloth I would also be gratefull for your input.

Even though the locall dealer has encountered a similar hum using the supplied sub platter, I dont recall having this hum untill after I had replace the sub platter. I should probably reinstall the oem subplatter. Grounding the Lehmann also sounds like a good idea
I would like to thank everone who has contributed.
First chance I get, I will report back the results
Thnx again
I have a new P3 with the TT-PSU and a groovetracer sub-platter.

I was having nasty woofer rumble, not hum, but the problem could be related. It turns out that the TT-PSU was too close to the table. I have the table mounted on a wall mount, with my stereo stand decoupled below it. However, there was a large enough gap between the top of the stereo stand and the bottom of the wall mount to place the TT-PSU. Once I moved the TT-PSU as far away as possible, the rumble went away. You might want to give it a try.
Thnx, I have some flexibility in my rack(s), so I think I will try to sperate the TT,TT PSU, Lehmann, and Lehmann PSU
as far from each other as I can get them. But bear in mind that the hum I am experencing is not noticable untill the stylus gets really close to the lable and stops all together when you move the cartridge about 1/2" away from the lable.
Thanks for your help