Regarding Joseph Audio Pulsar Loudspeakers

I am building a new 2 channel rig and I have all my components except for a pair of loudspeakers.  I want to concentrate on stand mounted speakers and the Pulsar's seem intriguing.  Anyone have experience with these or others that may be great contenders for under $10K? 
Primarily analogue listening. My mono blocks will drive any load.

I do not own the Joseph Audio Pulsars although I have listened to them multiple times (most recently at RMAF 2016) and aspire to own them.   IMO they are a fabulous speaker that exhibit the characteristics most important to me for my listening tastes and my medium sized dedicated listening room (19 X 13 X 7).  They are dynamic, smooth, fast (very fast) and articulate; a very extended and detailed (accurate) top end with no glare and shockingly good base for their size.  I do own their "baby brother" the Prisms which according to Jeff Joseph were designed to provide 85% or so of the performance of the Pulsars at a lower price point.  I love them.  

I would agree with the comment above about the importance of good stands for either the Prism or the Pulsar.   Let me know if you have specific questions I could answer.

The Pulsars are absolutely superb. No weak spots; clearly, because they are monitors they don't have the bass of huge floor slanders, but their tone, highs, midrange are magical.
i know of no better speakers for $7000 (list)

The Pulsar's are one of if not the best stand mount speakers on this planet IMO. They are the only ones I have heard that pull off the image scale of a larger floor speaker. Now they don’t have the visceral impact and low bass of a full range loudspeaker, but that is the only thing they won’t do.
I've owned my JA Pulsars for about three years now and I absolutely love them.  My 2-channel system is in a small room, about 15' x 10.5' x 8.5', with the speakers on the long wall by necessity.  I drive them with a Unico 50 hybrid integrated amp (biwired), which was a big upgrade over my Unico Nuevo.  I have them on Skylan stands with 3 Ultra SS Stillpoints under each speaker (using the threaded holes in the bottom of the Pulsars). The Stillpoints really dial-in the bass articulation of the Pulsars and I also use them under all my gear.  I listen primarily to 50's and 60's jazz, classical, blues, and some classic rock, primarily via analog source, but also some digital.  I find the Pulsars to be ideally suited to my musical tastes and I tend to listen at a moderate volume in the spare bedroom of my condo.  I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have about the Pulsars.