Rehashing the Playstation 1 topic - higher voltage possible?

I'm playing around with the original PS 1 and although I like the sound the voltage out is a bit low. Has anyone found a decent line driver of sorts to bump the voltage to CD standards (2v IIRC)?

This isn't a critical listening application, more like something fun to work on :) I'm not the type to solder so suggestions with something pre-built is welcome. This system is the Sony PS1 > AQ Water-series RCA's > Audio Research DSi-200.
Just came across this thread. It’s been 2 years and no replies. In case you’re still looking for suggestions, I recommend the FX Audio Tube-01 6J1 tube pre-amp. It’ll boost your voltage up to where you need it and give you some tube sound for a very affordable price. It is very pleasing to the ears when combined with the original PS1.

Happy New Years!
i strongly suggest running the tranport and dac separately.  The pins on the board for the power supply can be taken a part, you can run each pins on dc.  i suggest getting a dc to dc converter board from texas instrument, run everything on regular car battery.   This will give you the best quality cdp, you can’t go wrong!