REL is dead. Long live REL

Hi Guys,

REL Acoustics has been sold to Sumiko!!!

Per a recent press release:

It’s all change for REL. The UK ’s best known subwoofer brand has changed hands, having been bought out by its US distributors, Sumiko.

Richard Edmund Lord, the mastermind behind all the company’s previous award winning products, and affectionately known as The Lord of Bass, is no longer involved.

Rising from the ashes of REL is an entirely new company, REL Acoustics.
Its upcoming 'R' series subwoofers have been conceived by Sumiko and will be built in China . Further distancing themselves from previous REL products, they will utilize digital amplification.
jdog428, Thanks for taking the time & having an open mind towards such "unearthly" discussions. I think you missed my point. I was not trying to draw any direct correlation with the links I posted. I was merely trying to point out that sound can indeed be used as a weapon. Probably not the best examples in the links I posted, but I hope it at least sparks some curiosity, lively discussion, and a lot of google searches.
Terrat, I don't think I missed your point. You made it quite clearly. "What did you expect from a legendary fascist like "Sir" Richard Edmund Lord? How many people know that REL got their start designing sound weapons for her majesty's secret service? The same sound weapons used on American citizens who protest the WTO, world government, and the destruction of national soviernty."

So far you have not proven or even provided evidence that Mr. Lord is a fascist, or that REL ever manufactured weaponry, or the parallels between RELs research and that used in sound weapons. All you have proven is that you can jump to an ill-informed conclusion and that I have wasted my time responding to your post or even acknowledging your existence.
Thanks for the warning Jdog.

Hmmm... not designed by REL, not built by REL, not voiced by REL, doesn't use a REL amplifier... let's call it a REL!

Sumiko is a fine company but their new sub should stand on it's own two feet (or maybe four feet?) and not leverage off another company's past reputation.
Somebody needs a little more oxygen in their diet. Helps clear the cobwebs so hysteria doesn't creep in so easily.
After visiting the above links, I saw the pictures of the weapons being pointed at the WTO protesters. I thought that the cabinetry was rather plain and the setup, with the unit right out in the middle of the street on top of a vehicle, certainly would run counter to the manufacturer's recommended placement in a room corner. Also, there was no mention in the caption about where the crossover point was set. Clearly not a high fidelity scenario.