REL .LFE input

I just purchased the Technics SU-G700 integrated and it has a left and right pre-out that can be used for a subwoofer - my REL. 


I’m currently using the high level connection but thought about trying the LFE connection as a way to reduce a very low level hum I’m getting in the subwoofer. No amount of connecting he system to one power outlet or grounding has solved it, and it only happens once the speakon connection is connected to the subwoofer. 

My only issue with this LFE solution is that there is only one single input on the subwoofer, but the pre-out is in stereo. The question is how much audio low bass information am I losing if I only run one RCA from, say,  the right channel on the integrated to the sub.

BTW, this is a dedicated two channel set up, not used for TV. 


Also wanted to share this post from a user on audio aficionado, it could be the speakon connector internal wiring:

“I’ve been disappointed with the stock 10m Neutrik cable that came with my REL T-zero sub. It’s a great little sub for a medium/small room, and serves duty in my 2.1 home office setup. The cable originally came mis-wired, but I did not know. It took a lot of troubleshooting to find my initial hum was located at the Neutrik connector. Then it involved a lot of finicky fiddling to get it in the correct position, with the cord laying in the perfect position so the sub would fire but not hum. Eventually I got fed up enough to take the connector apart. There were three wires, and four Phillips head tiny screw clamp connectors for the tinned ends of the wires. I immediately saw it. Wow, that’s the culprit! Loose wiring, especially the yellow wire. There were four possible locations for the wires, and the three wires. I double checked their locations. The yellow wire was almost dangling loose in the wrong place. Flopping around in there. I corrected the wiring, and made sure the connections were snug. I fired up my system, and lo and behold she worked beautifully. I really love this little sub, but I just didn’t trust the cable.”

I had a similar issue with my REL T9x. Was emitting a hum at around 60 cycles but only when using the vinyl rig. My connection is also the hi level input. I ended up replacing the wire with a set made for me by bluejeans cables. They do make a custom set that is very nice for the money. Problem went away so there may be credence to checking the cable itself. 


Reaching into the cobwebs in my memory here, but,

Doesn't REL have some precautions or special procedures  for accommodating high-level connections on Class D Amplifiers? Perhaps you've been there and done that already.

Your Technics SU-G700 is called Class D by many reviewers, but Technics insists that it is "digital" not Class D.

Anyway, some REL support on this sounds appropriate. 

Good luck to you.