REL .LFE input

I just purchased the Technics SU-G700 integrated and it has a left and right pre-out that can be used for a subwoofer - my REL. 


I’m currently using the high level connection but thought about trying the LFE connection as a way to reduce a very low level hum I’m getting in the subwoofer. No amount of connecting he system to one power outlet or grounding has solved it, and it only happens once the speakon connection is connected to the subwoofer. 

My only issue with this LFE solution is that there is only one single input on the subwoofer, but the pre-out is in stereo. The question is how much audio low bass information am I losing if I only run one RCA from, say,  the right channel on the integrated to the sub.

BTW, this is a dedicated two channel set up, not used for TV. 


I apologize for going a little off topic but has anyone compared  the bass line blue cables from REL to the standard cables that come with the sub? Were they noticeably better and worth the cost ? Thank you 



@ronboco , most people seem to be happy with the Signal Cable Speakon cable over others and at a much lower cost than the REL Blue. I’m going in that direction for my 212se.

For what it's worth I have a REL Studio 3 paired SF Guarneri Mementos powered by JRDG Model 7's modified by JRDG to Class D.  At the time I set this up REL Support provided me with a "Digital" Neutrik cable.  No hum and great sound.  A couple of years ago had to send in the REL Amp for servicing.  Great support and everything works very well.