REL Subwoofer Cable Upgrade?

I've read in various forums that upgrading the cable that runs from amp to REL subwoofer can make a substantial sonic difference. These discussion all reference cables in the $700 to $800 range.

I have to believe that one can achieve a substantial portion of this improvement for $100 or $200? Do any of you have experience with this and some recommendations?

Thank you.
I bought an aftermarket cable for my Storm III from Mark Zikhmark here on the Gon and I thought it made a slight difference in bass definition, although I only ran the sub up to 32Hz with my Wilson speakers. I agree with the others that buying a $800 cable for a subwoofer is probably overkill.
Hey Art Thanks for asking that question. Its one I had for awhile. I have a Rel B3 and found cutting the stock cord to the same length of my speaker cables (10ft) made a tremendous difference. I still use the stock cable but after upgrading IC's and PC's I found that they change the sound (so far all for the better) so I would think a cable in the $1-200 range would help. As far as a $700-up would be better but not by as much of the $$ spent. If possible try to get someone to demo a cable for you. Also remember rule #1 let your EARS be the judge and jury not reviews or specs (everyone has different expectations although some are better than others).
Signal cable makes one and I have this one. It's definitely a step up, but I have not heard the Synergistic Research cable or any others.

I believe it cost just over $200 for a 12' cable.
"Upgrading the stock cable between amp and a REL sub is a TOTAL waste of money."

Not true, at least for me. I had a custom high grade cable constructed by Savant Audio for my Rega Vulcan (REL based) and it did make a difference. Bass is more forceful and powerful. The difference is not night and day, but it is there.