REL T/5i compatibility with Yamaha integrated?

A few weeks ago I added a new REL T/5i sub to round out the LF of my beginner system (Yamaha A-S501 integrated, BluSound  Node 2i streamer, Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers, TEAC TN-280BT TT, Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 phone preamp). I've followed the high-level interconnect instructions for attaching the REL Speakon cable bare red & yellow wires to the main speaker outs on the Yamaha but just can't get the REL to respond - I'm a newbie, but I at least know you shouldn't have to put your ear directly onto the sub to hear if it's working. The REL support folks have suggested using the Differential connection method outlined in the manual  (connect only the red and yellow wires but allow the black (ground) wire to float free, unconnected. No dice with that approach, either.

I do get sound when I connect standard RCA cables to the Yamaha's rec out and into both of the REL's Low Level and Low.1/LFE inputs, but then I don't have volume control through the Yamaha, and it just sounds overly muddy. I've also tried connecting via the Sub Out on the Yamaha to the Low .1/LFEI connection on the REL and that does work, but again the bass doesn't feel tight and I have to set the output level (on the REL) to about 2 o'clock to really hear that it's adding anything to the mains.

I've got the REL positioned on a carpeted floor at about 10:00 o'clock about 12" behind the left Pioneer floorstander.

As the Yamaha is a Class A/B integrated, I'm wondering why it's just not pairing well with the REL's A/B power amp...?  Would really love to keep it and figure out how to properly connect via the high level inputs, but now I'm second guessing the purchase - ditch the REL for something better suited to the Yamaha? Upgrade the Yamaha...?



I have a pair of the T7i and have the same issue with the Speakon connections. I do get response but it is poor. The only success I've had is using RCAs. First thing is the .1/LFE is for home theater, not music. You definitely want to be using the LFE. You really have to work on your crossover setting and your Gain/Level setting. The higher your crossover the lower your gain or vise versa. 

I have tried to get help from REL for this very same issue without success. I wish to use them as best described and with the success others have had in their integration using the hi level speakon. 

I also am using the built in electronic crossover of my Integrated with the crossovers set all the way up so as not to double filter.

No problem with a Rel T/5i connected to the speaker outputs of a Bryston B60R Integrated Amp using the Speakon connector. Red wire to right speaker + output, yellow wire to left speaker + output and black wire to right or left - output. Crossover frequency and sub volume set with test tones and SPL meter.

The Yahama A-S501 also has standard outputs and it's important that the black wire of the speakon connector be connected to the - output (right or left) of the Yammie. I had intermittent output on the Rel and found that the black wire in the Speakon connector had become disconnected.

The differential connection outlined by Rel is only used for amps with differential outputs or Class D amps.