Rel t9x or Rythmik F12G

Trying to decide between these two. Similar price. I have a small room (11 x 11) and I am trying to compliment Klipsch Forte 3’s. Looking for the best sounding bass for music only. Anyone have experience with both that can expound on the differences? Amp is a PL Evo 400. I also use a Dynaco solid state rebuild amp.  Thanks


Thanks for all of the advice and hope to decide fairly soon. Will give my impressions once I get a chance to experience the difference.

I highly recommend Rythmik servo subwoofers, which can probably control the expected low-bass reverberation problems in your small room. They include superior adjustable EQ, which works better than phone-controlled stuff. Your small room does not need two subwoofers; if you disagree, you can always buy a second one. Don't assume there is a "best" spot--just move a single around and put it where it sounds best, probably away from walls.

I haven't heard the T9x, but had Rel Storm III and replaced it with two F12. Way better and cheaper. Eventually (about 6 years later) went with four F12. This gave a way more even response, plus more body.

I would go with one F12 and see if later you want add another. 2 is generally better than 1, 3 better than 2, 4 better than 3 (Unless you have total freedom in layout - then 3 is probably enough).

Rhythmik all the way.  I ran them with Magnepans and it was amazing.  You have to spend a lot more money on the REL to best the Rhythmik.

@noromance OP is using Klipsch Fortes in a small room. He's already overpowering the room. Be that as it may, and much as I love the REL T/series, they're simply not a good match for the Klipsch. IMHO in an 11X11 room first he needs acoustic treatment and bass traps, then rethink the entire speaker setup. With something more to room scale for both the mains and subs. JBL 4309 and REL T/9x comes to mind.