Who makes the best subwoofer for music? REL or JL AUDIO? REL uses High level, JL AUDIO low level with EQ. Which will be better for music. 
05pm"B&W or Bowers and Wilkins, whatever they call themselves today makes fine loudspeakers found at Best buy. I've failed to see Wilson, Magico, Marten, Estelon, or MBL there for sale"........this post was posted to start a disruptive argument amoung members nothing more ,which is typical of the original poster....i think we've had enough of his nonsense


I use to have 2 Martin Logan Balancedforce 210 subs that did okay with my system. They utilize Balancedforce better than any other company. As good as there subs were, I felt even with their microphone setup, it overloaded the bass with the Wilson Audio Maxx 2’s. As you know with the Wilson Audio Maxx 2, they really don’t need a subwoofer as the speaker can go down to 22hz. I’ve owned a lot of high end subs over the year but for the setup I was looking for, I went with the JL because I wanted the subs to compliment the speakers without overwhelming them. Easy to do with subs. Most systems today probably need subs but mine really doesn’t. My crossover is set for 35 and below hence the reason for the Wilson Crossover. As for the the preamp is concerned, I have that covered utilizing the Cary Audio SLP-05 with the Ultimate Upgrade, Cardis wiring and tube rolling. I’ve utilized quite a bit of top of the line Monoblock and stereo amplifiers and the unit that has stood the test of time is the preamp:-) Thanks for the compliment though. The equipment you have mentioned  are incredible by the way. 
By the way I’m not utilizing the CR-1 Crossover from JL Audio, I’m using the Wilson Audio Active Sub Controller with the Active Crossover for the subs and speakers. I can control both of them. It helps with better integration for my system.