Reliability of Dan D'Agostino equipment

I'm considering a purchase of one of the D'Agostino preamps, and eventually, an amplifier.  I have learned from hard experience that high end brands, that should be bulletproof and reliable, and often anything but.  

What is the experience of folks on the forum with regards to D'Agostino?  

How often have you encountered problems?  

Have the problems occurred within the three year warranty or out of warranty?  

How long do repairs take, since if you place an order for a new item, the delay is three to six months for shipping?

Many thanks in advance for any responses.

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I have no firsthand experience with the brand, so I can't speak from experience. However, there is a YouTuber I follow whose channel is devoted to ultra high-end audio (Wilson, Magico, Gryphon, Boulder, Pass, etc.), and the members-only section of his website includes a video in which he discusses brands that have a reputation for reliability issues. I would recommend checking it out. The channel is Jay's Audio Lab. By the way, you would think that any insanely expensive audio gear would last a decade or more without issue. That's what I thought too. Two equipment failures and Jay's video changed my mind. 

If it’s electric, it will have issues, if it’s a Ferrari, power amp, 

things fail. Inevitable 


somemhould get longer life than others. 

I have a Progression integrated amp and is has performed flawlessly for the two years I have owned it. Before buying, I borrowed it from the dealer to compare it with my Pass Labs INT-150, and the difference was obvious to everyone that listened to it. You can't "unhear" just how much an improvement there was in SQ, so I bought it. Glad I did.

No issues with my D'Ag gear, or prior versions.  But agree with the car analogy; Ferraris and Astons still need attention, things can happen (I've had very infrequent issues with some other pricey audio stuff and I don't automatically disown the manufacturer), and owner error can be hard to anticipate/prevent.  I visited D'Ag outside Scottsdale last year, and they were terrific, gracious hosts for a nobody like me.