Reliable tube integrated for $1000

I'm very comfortable with my selections in SS integrated amps (Naim, Creek, Rega, Exposure)but not too familiar with the tube gig.

I need 1 or 2 inputs, great reliability, self bias, no remote. Ideas?

I have efficient single-driver hemps for this "experiment".
I just had it in on extended audition. I gave it a good workout on all my speakers:

VA Bach
Proac Response 2.5
PBN Montana SP2
DeVore Gibbons 3
Meadowlark Heron i
Spendor FL-9

My main source was Metronome CD2V-Signature cdp.
Cabling is Wireworld Gold Eclipse and Argent Audio Pursang interconnects, and Reality spkr cables.

This is one amazing lil amp....probably the best I have heard below $2k. It excels at midrange clarity and image solidity. It is coherent top to bottom, with a good dose of liquidity and musicality. It is quite neutral and naturally detailed, with a slight leaning toward a warm and organic presentation. No grit, no glare. There is a texture and a palpability to the music....harmonically rich and full with nicely saturated images.

For its power rating, it has astonishing control, grip and punch. On my larger floorstanders it did not have the bottom end heft and weight of larger amps, but apart from the Herons, it drowe all of them seemingly without effort. I sense the power ratings are conservative as this amp breezed through everything, even on the big multi-driver speakers. Dynamics and punch were great. Many friends who listened were astonished at the power and finesse produced by such a "tiny lil amp". The bass was beautifully articulated and detailed. Very nice sparkle, shimmer and air in the treble. In my largish room I easily got to 90 to 95 db with no strain, compression, or other nasties with volume pot in the 1 o'clock region.

The noise floor is almost bottomless and the background is beautifully black. I don't think I've ever heard a tube amp this quiet, regardless of price...and I have heard a lot. In the "silent like tomb" department, right up there with SS.

Build quality seems very very good. Dead quiet the entire time I had it....never a tic, pop, hiss, sizzle or boom. Along with the noise floor, reminded me of SS in that regard. But when listening, you know you are basking in the thermionic glow.

Apart from Herons, very good match on all speakers above. Especially nice on the Bachs, Proacs and Spendors.

If your speaks do not require an arc welder, and you seek a sound that is rich, full organic and musical, yet still detailed, give this baby some serious consideration. It will have you listening to music not sounds, and it will leave some $$ in the bank!

I like it lots.
My GF loves it.

Put my $ where my mouth is and bought it for her system, where it will be teamed with VA Bachs and Cary 308-T cdp. Sweet lil system!
Spelly, I've read all through your post twice and checked the rest of the thread. Perhaps I'm still missing something, but I can't find any mention of the name of the amp you like so much.
Vista i-34 is amp I reviewed just above!!
Forgot to mention the name, sorry for any confusion.
Sorry for the confusion, Tobias.
Vista Audio i-34.....the one that Rumadian recommended earlier.
I second Bombaywalla's JoLida recommendation - not to dismiss Cayin or PrimaLuna. Have had a 502B for years now. It was my introduction to tubes and I am very happy with it. It has been very reliable. Yes, bias is manually adjusted but that is not a big deal. Upgrading tubes has taken it "up a notch". I'm not associated with BBW in any way but think his offer is worth exploring.