Reliable tube integrated for $1000

I'm very comfortable with my selections in SS integrated amps (Naim, Creek, Rega, Exposure)but not too familiar with the tube gig.

I need 1 or 2 inputs, great reliability, self bias, no remote. Ideas?

I have efficient single-driver hemps for this "experiment".
Spelly, I've read all through your post twice and checked the rest of the thread. Perhaps I'm still missing something, but I can't find any mention of the name of the amp you like so much.
Vista i-34 is amp I reviewed just above!!
Forgot to mention the name, sorry for any confusion.
Sorry for the confusion, Tobias.
Vista Audio i-34.....the one that Rumadian recommended earlier.
I second Bombaywalla's JoLida recommendation - not to dismiss Cayin or PrimaLuna. Have had a 502B for years now. It was my introduction to tubes and I am very happy with it. It has been very reliable. Yes, bias is manually adjusted but that is not a big deal. Upgrading tubes has taken it "up a notch". I'm not associated with BBW in any way but think his offer is worth exploring.
I'm loving the Primaluna PL2 I picked up here. Have it paired with Proac D15's..... Plenty of power, great sound. Just put in a quad set of winged C Kt88's..... Nice bottom end...